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Yaron Alon


Attorney Yaron Alon graduated (with honors) from the Faculty of Law at Tel Aviv University (LL.M., 2006) with a distinct specialization in commercial law and has been a member of the Israel Bar Association since 2007.

Attorney Alon specialized in commercial and civil litigation, and as such he consults and represents public and private companies, partnerships, government-owned corporations, municipalities and individuals before all court systems and tribunals.

Attorney Alon specializes in handling high-profile cases and disputes which are complex from an evidential and judicial standpoint, inter alia, in the fields of contracts, real estate, intellectual property, corporations (including shareholder discrimination and proxy fights), banking, insurance, securities and more.

Attorney Alon manages the area of class-actions suits at our firm.


Attorney Alon can act as a Commissioner for international evidence taking or obtaining documents for foreign courts (subject for filling in an appropriate motion for judicial inquiry In Israel).