Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Our firm has a commercial litigation department, which is managed by Attorney Ronen Horovitz who has over 25 years of experience in this field.

The department leads a long list of legal proceedings, including business disputes, managing and resolving disputes through various court systems and representation in conciliation proceedings (arbitration, mediation, etc.).

Handling of the litigation cases is performed in accordance with the highest and utmost professional and efficient standards, as a necessary condition to fully substantiate the client’s claims and to constantly aim at fulfilling the client’s objectives.

The department handles significant cases, both financially and in legal complexity, in various branches of commercial law, including: corporate law, property law, contract law, labor law, administrative law, tender law, planning and development law, intellectual property, tort, defamation and liquidation and receivership proceedings.

The litigation department has also garnered extensive experience with shareholder discrimination claims.

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