Commercial Law

Our firm has a prominent commercial department managed by Attorney Gur Uzan, who has 15 years of experience in this field.

The department handles a wide range of commercial transactions and agreements for high-profile businessmen and financial entities.

As part of its activity, the department continuously handles all commercial issues for its clients, some of which are the most prominent entities in the market. Our firm’s legal accompaniment is provided all the way from the corporation’s establishment (companies, partnerships, nonprofits, etc.) through to the constant handling of the various relevant agreements required by the corporation, such as investment agreements, distribution agreements, franchise contracts, complex sales and purchase agreements, cooperation agreements, contractor agreements, employment agreements, tender procedures, lease agreements, arranging contracts for operations online, and more.

Our firm also offers high-quality and unique corporate consultation services which allow executives and directors to deal with the complexity of corporate regulation changes and successfully conquer the challenges that they face, which also includes the increasing authority of the Israel Securities Authority to impose significant financial sanctions with no option of indemnity or insurance on behalf of the corporation.

As part of the department’s government corporation services, our firm provides consultation for examining commercial and legal measures, as well as decision making consultation, before votes (assemblies and board of director meetings). Our firm’s position papers and expert opinions are issued after carefully examining the relevant case and performing an extensive and professional review of the legal background relevant to the subject at hand. Additionally, our firm specializes in forming internal enforcement plans for corporations, which requires knowledge of the corporate world and the demands set by law and regulation.

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