Adv. Gur Uzan


Bar Membership
Member of the Israel Bar Association since 1998.

LL.B Tel-Aviv University School of Law, 1998.
M.A. History student

Adv. Uzan has a wide-range of experience in many aspects of commercial law and cross-disciplinary vision and capabilities in this field. This includes significant experience in contracts, mergers & acquisitions, communications, tenders, labor law, real-estate, asset management and more.
Adv. Uzan serves as the Special Administrator of The Company for Location and Restitution of Holocaust Victims’ Assets Ltd. (in liquidation) since 2018.

Adv. Uzan has served throughout the years as a nominee of the various courts in Israel (as receiver, special administrator, arbitrator and mediator) and is authorized by the Ministry of Justice to draft continuous powers of attorney.

Adv. Uzan is the founder and CEO of the Childhood Foundation (2000).

Adv. Uzan is one of the founders of our firm, and serves as the firm’s managing partner.

Hebrew, English, French (speech).

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